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Website Redevelopment: Why Does it Matter?

Reasons for redeveloping your website will vary depending on the specific marketing goals of your business. A website should attract clients, promote your products/services, and answer any questions your clients may have. At the start of 2020, True North launched its new website. Many of our clients' first impressions of our business are made within seconds of visiting our website, which is why we felt this change was crucial to the True North brand and our business.

While a new website will not guarantee a skyrocket in conversion rates or other metrics overnight, it will propel your business forward when wanting to improve your marketing plan for the long run. To help you, the marketing professionals at True North have compiled a list of four reasons why redeveloping your website is worth your time and money.

Website Accessibility is Imperative

This is a component of web design that is becoming more and more important as technology continues to evolve. Website accessibility, is defined as the "the design of products, devices, services, or environments for people who experience disabilities," An accessible website gives those with disabilities access and interaction to information on your website by crushing the barriers of print, audio, and visual media. A few ways to make your website more accessible are through the use of alternative tags, alternative text, keyboard navigation, and closed captions (for video and audio) to name a few...not to mention that website accessibility is a legal requirement!

Your Marketing Goal is to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

The design of the website is extremely important, but that doesn't matter if your website isn't seen. To do this, you need to make sure that your website is optimized for search engines. Paid search advertising can be a valuable digital marketing tactic for small businesses by letting the search engine known that the content that your business creates is relevant. When done effectively, running Pay Per Click (PPC) through Google Ads can produce quick results, general more qualified leads, provide metrics, and improve brand recognition in your local area.

You Need to Convert More Website Visitors into Leads

Directing traffic to your website is great, but how can you convert those visitors into leads that will ultimately make your business profitable? A website should not only tell the story of your brand and why your business matters, but it should also call clients to complete an action and encourage them to take the next step as a client. Generating inbound leads are an important step in the marketing funnel. If you aren't generating leads and conversions, you aren't making a profit!

Your Website Needs to Be Mobile-Friendly

Recently, I attended a conference in Pittsburgh hosted by UPMC where I learned how important mobile optimization is in website development. In fact, I was told to develop the website with the mobile version in mind first before the desktop version. This is a shift in comparison to how older websites have been developed in the past. According to a report on Hitwise, nearly 60% of all searches are done through a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet...and this percentage shows no signs of slowing down. Sure, your website might look fantastic and be fully functional on desktop, but can you give your client that same experience on mobile?


Redeveloping your website can seem like a daunting task, however, it is undoubtedly worth it. To learn how True North can help your business through this process, visit our services page or contact us today.

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Redevelopment can be called as redesigning and it can be done by a local website design company.

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