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Services: Consulting


Most consulting firms spend all their time learning your business, listening to what you want to do, and then telling you exactly what they heard.  Lets get real here.  Your issues are specific and urgent.  Its likely you already know what you need to do, you just aren't sure exactly what button to push or don't have the resources on your team to get it done.

Our project timelines are 20% planning and 80% execution.  You are not going to spend the majority of your budget teaching us your business. No project deliverable should go over 90 days.  Most should be in 30 days.  If we cant deliver in those time lines then the scope is too big.  You want results.  Lets get specific, narrow the scope, go fast, and get it right.

Services: Bookkeeping


Franchisors want a financial management process that gives them the ability to measure franchise performance and ensure that franchisees are compliant with the franchise agreement.

Franchisees want a system that is easy to use and gives them the data they need to make important business decisions.

Both want a system that is scalable and cost effective.

True North provides bookkeeping, medical billing, accounts receivable management, and consulting to more than 250 franchise locations in 43 states from start-up to more than $20 Million in sales. From entry level QuickBooks to advanced Enterprise grade financial systems, we will develop fast and efficient bookkeeping solutions so you can focus on growing your business. 

Services: Outsourcing


Your customers do not see your back office operations; but they are greatly impacted by them. True North is your outsource partner for billing, HR, collections, and other back office functions; we can develop a game changing solution that helps you grow quickly without having to build the entire team internally.

We bring people, strategy, and technology together to drive efficiency in your back office and improve business performance. Our back office outsourcing exceeds in-house quality expectations. 

Services: Technology



CRM, SaaS, VOIP, Cloud, Data Integration, oh my....

Your business is growing and you can no longer run it on an excel spreadsheet or your back office technology has not kept pace.  Costs are going up and systems keep breaking.  We have transformed back-off accounting, pricing, billing, and accounts receivable management systems all the through to enterprise grade ERP systems.


Think these big company tools are out of reach for your business?  Think it will take months to implement and training?  Think again!  We break projects down into digestible chunks and only implement features that you need right now while not losing sight of what you need in the future.

Lets Do this!

Services: Medical Billing



Are the complexities of electronic medical billing overwhelming your team?  Are your unpaid invoices and claims piling up?  True North will get you paid!

We specialize in large program billing such as Medicaid, Veterans Administration, and Complex Workers Compensation Cases.  We pull the data from your existing billing system, transform it into an electronic claim, and follow your claims through the entire revenue cycle.  Have claims that have been sitting out there for months? Years?  Lets us go get the payments.


True North bills thousands of electronic claims each week. You focus on your customers.  We will focus on getting you paid.

Services: A/R Management


Did you know that 85% of all collections issues are really billing issues in disguise? We help our clients understand the rules of billing AND put in a standard process for managing your accounts receivable while they are still collectible. 


True North's A/R Management program has a proven track record of success and our team is ready to help you improve your cash flow.  Give us a call so we can estimate how much additional cash you can put on your balance sheet. 

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