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True North has been providing small to medium sized businesses with accurate, detailed bookkeeping services for 10 years.

True North has developed a medical billing & coding system proven to reduce costs, streamline efficiency, and boost cash flow. We provide hands on medical billing and coding services with a specific focus on Home Care, Home Health Care, Veterans Administration and Medicaid. We work closely with you to understand what you need, and provide flexible options so you only pay for what you need and use. Get a FREE Consultation to discover how much money we can put back into your cash-flow.

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For nearly ten years, True North has been delivering innovative, personalized bookkeeping solutions to clients all across the United States.

True North has a diverse team of more than 25 professionals that will help improve your cash flow.

True North provides bookkeeping services to more than 250 franchise locations in 40 states from start-up to more than $20 Million in sales. 

We are the nations leading outsourced back office services provider.

Our Bookkeeping Services

 Self-Employment Bookkeeping Services:  

When you're an entrepreneur, business owner, or independent contractor, you will still need the basic bookkeeping services and solutions to stay organized and monitor profits. This is particularly important during tax season. True North helps you facilitate growth through accurate bookkeeping services. 

Small to Medium Business Bookkeeping Services:

Gain the control and stability you need over your finances to stay compliant, and understand where your money goes. Our team of  outsourced bookkeeping professionals help you create a budget and financial plan so you can drive profits, cut costs, and focus on growth.

Corporate Bookkeeping Services: 

Big businesses can achieve efficiencies not possible in house and drastically increases their profits by outsourcing their bookkeeping services to True North, compared to an in house bookkeeper. Get the financial insight for pennies on the dollar knowing your books are accurate and well kept by seasoned bookkeeping professionals.

True North is in a unique position to help you increase profits through outsourced bookkeeping services

1. Get a 30min. discovery call: It's likely you already know what you need to do to solve your problem, you just aren't sure exactly what button to push or don't have the resources on your team to get it done. We'll go over those details on our call.

2. We will then educate you on your potential solutions, what the outcome of those solutions will be, and explain what system is the most scalable and cost effective for you.

3. You'll get a solution that is easy to use and gives you the data you need to make important business decisions. 

Why True North?

We are entrepreneurs, General Managers, and Presidents, just like you. We have built businesses from a napkin in a coffee shop and have been senior executives in billion dollar companies.  We know what it takes to win...

We break projects down into digestible chunks and only implement features that you need right now while not losing sight of what you need in the future.

Project timelines are 20% planning and 80% execution. You are not going to spend the majority of your budget teaching us your business. No project deliverable should go over 90 days. Most should be in 30 days. 

We bring people, strategy, and technology together to drive efficiency in your back office and improve business performance.

About True North Quick-Win Consults:

Designed to create a clear picture

Free. No cost. No Obligation.

Works for small and large organizations

No long-term commitment required

Creates quick fixes to drive immediate results

What Our Clients Say

​Our specialty is working with our clients to understand their pain points in a complex, ever changing operating model and design solutions, internal or outsourced, that maximize productivity and require minimal oversight.

Our Clients range from Private Equity/Venture Capital groups looking for experienced acquisition due diligence support, to small and medium size businesses that have outgrown their traditional back-office structure.

Joe Grubb

I've been with True North for six years. They know me, they know my people, and they know my business. True North is a valuable business partner.

Jason Moore

True North has been so welcoming to our new business, Superior Marine Services. We truly appreciate all of their hard work. We highly recommend any of their services. Class Act! Thanks True North!

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