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Medical Coding Services

True Dial provides Home Health Care agencies with the Medical Coding Services they need to make smart business decisions.


How to get the best outsourced medical coding services?

Medical coding services are a highly important aspect to our current healthcare system. Medical coding services are when a company transforms a service from a healthcare provider into a universal, alphanumeric medical code. A diagnosis or procedure each have specific codes. The doctors notes, blood work results, and radiology reports all have corresponding classifications, and it's medical coding service providers job to make sure the codes are applied accurately during the medical billing process.

Each time a patient visit a healthcare provider or interacts with a home healthcare agency, there is a corresponding medical code.  Future healthcare providers can review records such as your medical history, develop a hypothesis of the problem and the best way to treat you, as well as makes a record of your current visit. This is all very important for a patient's record, but it's also how healthcare providers get paid.

Depending on the insurance provider and the patient's insurance policy, ​medical codes tell the payers:

  • The patient's diagnosis

  • What treatments/services were provided

  • Unusual circumstances that impacted that treatment 

  • How much the patient is to be reimbursed

True North understands the importance of accurate medical coding services, and when looking for a medical coding service provider, make sure you pick a medical coding company like True Dial who understands the nuances of the your project.

Finding a company to outsource your medical coding to is as easy as looking up the beset medical coding service companies in the Pittsburgh area, such as True North. When considering working with a medical coding service provider, ask them what they specialize in. True North specializes in Home Care & Home Health Care agencies, VA Medical Billing. Our specialization allows us to provide our clients with fewer rejected claims, a shorter revenue cycle, and improved cash-flow.

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Why are Medical Coding Services important?

Medical coding services are important because the revenue stream for home healthcare agencies are dependent on the accurate, timely documentation of diagnosis and treatment. Accurate documentation of a patient's test result​s and treatment are not only important for billing, but to ensure qualify medical care in the future as well. Hospital records follow a person their entire life, and must be easily interpreted and understood. This is particularly important as there are millions of healthcare procedures and visits performed annually in the U.S.

The biggest challenge facing medical coding service providers is that there are tens of thousands of diseases, diagnoses, treatments, and causes of death. There are equally as many services provided, vendors of those services, and countless supplies to be accounted for. Medical coding i what makes this process easily manageable and understood. There are numerous descriptions and acronyms for each disease, tool and procedure also. Having a universal medical coding language unifie and standarises the language so they can be easily tracked and modified.


The common language was mandated by the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and enables hospitals, home healthcare agencies and providers, as well as payers to communicate effectively and consistently. Today mostly all private health information is kept digitally.

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How Medical Coding Services & Insurance Work Together


Medical coding service providers typically review the prior day's batch of patient notes for evaluation and coding. Depending on clinical settings such as outpatient or facility centers, the records and notes may require a specialist. The medical coding service provider and medical billing service provider must work together to make sure all codes and records of diagnoses and treatments are correct in order to file a claim and send bills to the insurance provider. Filing timely claims allow for home healthcare agencies and healthcare providers to be reimbursed for the services they render. 

Claim Creation


Medical coding companies like True North use procedure and diagnosis codes created by our medical coders to accurately create insurance claims.

There are two types of procedure codes: Current Procedure Terminology (CPT) and Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS). These codes are used to tell the insurance company what procedure were performed. 


The diagnosis codes are used to explain medical necessity, or why a procedure was performed.


The medical coding service provider transcribes necessary information about the patient, their visit, and the procedures associated with the visit. They pass these codes off to the medical billing service provider to check compliance. The medical billing company is also responsible for ensuring the claim is within regulations/compliant. The insurance company (payer) must fully evaluate the claim, including the procedure and diagnosis, and determine how much is to be reimbursed.

Upon claim approval, it is sent back to the medical billing company with the amount the insurance company will pay.


The claim is finally sent back to the patient.

Medical Coding Services & Patient Relationship


Medical coding companies use medical reports to translate procedures and diagnoses into code, while medical billing companies use medical records and insurance plans to translate information into accurate medical bills.

Medical Coding Services & Technology


Every doctors office implements some sort of practice management software. This software is used to track patients, schedule appointments, and store medical records to help increase a practice's effeciency.

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Medical Coding Services