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A/R Management Program

The True North Accounts Receivable Management Service is a customized training, feedback, collections, and  reporting program designed to improve your billing process, drive down DSO and improve cash flow.



  • True North will train your staff on how to identify gaps in your billing process that lead to collections issues

  • We track open invoices and short pays

  • We initiate collections calls, send statements to payers, and provide copies of missing documentation.

  • We field inbound calls from payers requesting more information on your open invoices

  • We provide weekly DSO reporting to track our progress and meet regularly with your billing team to identify and prevent recurring billing issues.


True North's A/R Management program has a proven track record of success and our team is ready to help you improve your cash flow.  Give us a call so we can estimate how much additional cash you can put on your balance sheet.